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J&L Auto is proud to share what our customers are saying about us:

Ken Doyle

Once again, J&L Automotive is worth their weight in gold. During a scheduled oil change at a local Toyota dealer, the tech recommended other work to the tune of just under 900.00 dollars. Replacing the front brakes and rotors I thought, might be about time. However replacing the back brakes as well as brake fluid flush and an induction cleaning, I wasn't so sure. I called J&L, spoke with Lisa and explained what I had been told. She took note of the work the dealer said needed done, quoted me a price (much better than the dealers) and invited me in Monday morning (yesterday) first thing. Within ten - fifteen minutes, the mechanic, RB was letting me know yes front brakes and rotors are needed. However the rear require no more than a cleaning and adjusting. As for the other two items, not necessary. The brake fluid was clear and no high idle noticed that would warrant the induction cleaning. RB proceeded to do the work and I had a few minutes to converse with John. Like in times past, John was as welcoming and friendly as if we were best friends. I was enlightened in many ways during our short time together. My car was ready within one hour and I was on my way. I hope that everyone who reads this considers J&L next time their vehicle requires attention. They are honest, reliable and the most professional automotive folks I know. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Christina W.

We had a great
turn out for our first auto class at J&L Automotive. We had present 8 ladies and a 13 year old boy.

John & Lisa, owners of J&L Automotive, greeted us with tea and other refreshments (notably Chic-Fil-A oatmeal chocolate chip cookies). RB and Taylor were also present to assist them. We had a 'meet and greet' session where Lisa gathered our names for a raffle to occur at the end of the class.

 John led the class. He started out with the packets he had put together for us all. The packet included a hide a key, flashlight, tire pressure gauge, etc. He went through how each item was beneficial to the car owner. After the packet, John introduced a bag, containing materials that would be needed in case of emergencies. Included in the bag was bottled water, granola, road flares, blanket, rain poncho, first aid kit, tarp, etc. This he said would come in handy in any emergency. Lisa reminded us of that freak snow storm February 2011 that left people stranded for over 8 hours in their cars. The bag was to be the prize for the raffle. He also handed out a list of the contents, where they could be purchased and the prices.

 Follwing that initial session, John gave a brief lecture on dos and don'ts of car maintenance. We were all taken aback by some of the don'ts we were led to believe were necessary for our cars. Personally, I'll never get a fuel flush ever again. It cost me over $150 and per John, all gas types today contain cleaning agents that negate the need for a fuel flush.

 After the lecture, John entertained our questions. We all felt totally at ease asking Him questions. His presentation of the material was so clear that we didn't feel in anyway intimidated. So we fired away with our questions and learned even more from the answers. John also handed out a car checklist, which when completed would assist a mechanic in identifying the problem with the car and also show our car savvy. Aside: John thought he wasn't a great presenter, but he was WRONG. He's born to teach.

 We moved to the practical aspect of the class after the lecture. Our 13 year old got a real kick out of this. We all had the opportunity to pop open our hoods and learn what was under them. John told us what the fluids were under the hood, brake, power steering, oil, coolant, wiper, etc. Each of us had the opportunity to check the levels of the fluids. For those who were below specs John was kind enough to top them off. Checking the oil was definitely hands on. And after observing it done several times, our 13 year old was geared to try it on his own. He practiced on my car.

 In addition to the fluids check, John also pointed out some necessary repairs for our cars. He told us the purpose of the repairs, how the repairs should occur and the cost range. He didn't want us to be taken advantage of by lack of knowledge. One thing I liked about John, he taught the class not to stir up business but to educate. He intends to keep doing the classes so his students can feel empowered about their cars. His attitude was greatly appreciated.

 At the end of the class, the raffle was done and our Geri won. Her glee and happiness was extra special and was a perfect ending to the class. I really want to thank those of you who attended and hope you could share your appreciation with John & Lisa with a thank you card. The class was of no cost to us but it was worth pure gold. The next class will be in October, Auto Maintenance 102. John promises to teach us how to change the oil and the tires. He's also willing to do another Auto 101 for those who missed the first session.

 Blessings,  Christina

Mark B.

"J&L was awesome. They did something that 2 other mechanics couldn't. I took my car to a different independent mechanic and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car. Then I took my car to the VW dealership, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car, but they found $4500 worth of "other" things that needed done. Lastly I took it to J&L. John found the problem in no time. Rates were better than the dealership and better than the first mechanic. Very trusting mechanic.

Mike D.

 "John and his mechanics do quality work and in a timely manner. I had to get my front end alignment checked within 36 hours and because his alignment system was being serviced, he brought my truck to another shop at no cost to me. They really go the extra mile to make sure you have quality work."

Alice F.

My usual repair shop, which has very good ratings and just worked on my car's A/C less than two years ago, wanted twice the price to fix my car's A/C (again!) than what J&L charged me. It sure is nice to be cool with these 100-degree temperatures! Thanks J&L!"

Linda S.

I started taking my brand new buick Century to John when he owned an Exxon near me. That was in 1989. I followed him when he bought the shop in Chantilly, and I saved the Buick and gave it to my daughter when she started driving, and it still goes in to John for service. He's kept it running fine. Of course, my other cars always go to J&L. Totally honest, and excellent mechanics! I can count on them to tell it like it is.

Anyone who would like to share their story about an experience at J&L,  please email it to us and I will post it on the site or go to the guest book page and leave a comment. Thanks!

J&L Automotive
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